Affiliation Policy

This website has links to affiliations which at times provide a small incentive back to me. This helps to keep the information coming in such a way that is free to the reader. I only talk about products or services I truly love and believe in and hope this information brings every reader/watcher closer to their optimal health and wellness whether or not they buy anything through these links.

I am also affiliated with a natural foods and products media group which occasionally sends me samples with the purpose of us bloggers talking about the products that they like. I do not receive any money for discussing these items nor do I receive any compensation for sharing information from the media group. We are all working together to get great, healthy, natural products to the people who could benefit from them. As someone who has worked in that industry, I can tell you that despite the “whole paycheck” stereotype, most of the companies are small, mission-driven, and do not have a large marketing department nor the means to do wide advertising campaigns.

Best Health to you and yours!



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